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Stringing With Angela offers multiple enrichment programs at selected charter schools, private schools, and early childcare centers throughout New Jersey. We aim to expose young children to performing arts, foreign languages, and various types of physical activities .Our programs all take place at their learning faculties; their school is a very familiar place surrounded by friends, classmates, and supportive teachers.

Our programs are instructed by individuals that are kind, hard working, and skilled in their area of expertise.

Each program provides everything the child will need to participle in the class whether it is an instrument for our music program, a language book, yoga mat, or a costume for our drama classes. We aim to bring quality lessons to every school that offers our program.

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Language Arts Classes

Spanish, French, Sign Language, Mandarin Chinese are offered now!

Spanish, French, Sign Language, Mandarin Chinese classes are offered now!

Your child will have the opportunity to learn a foreign language in an upbeat and encouraging environment, tailored just for them. All of our teachers know how to make learning fun! By the end of the school year, they will have the ability to engage in a conversation and even sing a song in their foreign language!

Every month the children will take an adventure to another country and culture and will participate in other fun events.

Program Details:

– Each class is 35 minutes long, once a week
– A workbook is provided for each child
– Classroom size: 20 students per class

Why begin learning a foreign language today?

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Better Linguistics:

Exposing a child to a foreign language at an early age (as early as 3 years old) will result in much easier and better fluency than if they learn later in life.

Cognitive Benefits

Research has shown that children with the ability to speak more than one language have better memory, program solving skills, critical thinking skills, and are more creative.

Higher Academic Achievement

Research conducted by the Louisiana Department of Education shows that children who have studied a foreign language achieve higher scores on standardized tests in reading, language arts and mathematics than those who have not.

Cultural Enrichment

Learning a foreign language opens many doors. Those who know more than one language have access to resources, people, places, and things that the rest of us do not.

Societal Contributions

With the cultural diversity in the United States today, developing language abilities as children will impact their futures in the work force.

Day Care Center providers

If you are interested in our services being offered at your daycare center then please complete the questionnaire and we will reach out to you promptly to arrange a free demonstration!

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Music Lessons


We offer 30 minute violin and piano lessons to children as young as 3 on a weekly basis. The instruments are provided by us, they are tuned before every class, and every student will have his or her own instrument (no sharing). The musicians will receive a group lesson (6 children and less) every week for the entire school year and on the last week they will give a performance.


30 minute sessions contain 3 or 4 Parts:

Intonation – We start by singing SOL-FEGE (DO-RE-MI-FA-SO)

Melody – Elementary studies and melodies played on the violin or piano

Rhythm training – Using tambourines

Music Theory – Basic theory assignment


🎶 Are the violins and pianos provided?

Yes, each violinist and pianist will practice with a quality instrument provided by Stringing With Angela.

🎶 Do you make up missed lessons?

Yes, only if it’s due to poor weather, a holiday, or a teacher being absent due to an illness. We do not prorate or deduct missed lessons. It’s a flat monthly rate.

🎶 Will I be charged if my child damages a violin or piano during the class??

No. The enrolment fee includes a payment for insurance.



Enhances Learning

People who have received a music education are generally smarter than their non-musical counterparts are. Extensive research done in this area has proved that children who learn to play a musical instrument do better in academics

Develops Social Skills

Music helps you connect. Learning an instrument enlarges your social circle since you get to meet more people than you usually would.